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Casey Research aims to help investors earn high returns by taking advantage of market dissociations. These occur due to the attempts of governments to manage situations, creating opportunities to make profits. Casey research examines various sectors to identify market niches with considerable upside potential.

Casey’s International Speculator informs investors about various speculative opportunities in small-cap businesses with international presence. These are US and Canada-based silver and gold exploration companies or the junior companies in the mining industry. They have a high potential to increase the value of their stock over a short period of time. Junior companies specialize in the exploration of precious metals as well as high demand metals such as lead, nickel, and copper. Casey’s International Speculator features a number of junior miners such as Detour Gold and International Tower Hill, among others. To its subscribers, the newsletter offers special reports, archives containing valuable information on major resource companies, interactive list of stocks, information and charts related to corporate management and structures, and much more.

Big Gold is another valuable investment newsletter that helps investors take advantage of huge potential profits by investing in large- and mid-cap mining companies. Subscribers learn about risk management as well as the best opportunities to take advantage of the precious metals’ prices. They stay informed of silver and gold ETFs, which allows them to sell and buy gold online. Big Gold offers information about low-risk, high-profit gold stocks and low-margin coins and bullion. The newsletter features research on major natural resource and precious metal companies as well as miners with well-developed and producing deposit bases. Their stocks benefit in a reliable way from the gold price increases, with investors making considerable profits. In every issue, the investors find key developments on the precious metal bull markets. The Big Gold’s team of experts continuously analyzes the global landscape for pullback signals and indicators for increase in the price of gold. In addition, the newsletter features information on the types of stocks to buy and avoid, as well as the stocks to sell before other investors. Subscribers learn to create a profitable portfolio and reduce risk to a minimum.

Casey’s Energy Opportunities offers to its subscribers an insider view of various opportunities in the energy sector: alternative energy, gas, oil, uranium, and much more. Investors learn about the countless options for investment and making profit from sources of energy. This investment newsletter explores a variety of energy sources, including solar, wind, and geothermal sources, natural gas, coal, run-of-river hydro, etc. Casey’s Energy Opportunities focuses on companies that stand the chance of delivering the highest returns at a minimal risk. High-risk, speculative, and small exploration companies are not covered as well as the giant miners with little room for development and quick growth. Led by Martin Katusa, the research team of Casey’s Energy Opportunities is considered a key source of information in the field. Research employs face-to-face interaction with corporate executives as well as the newest computerized analytical tools. Subscribers get special reports, interactive lists of stocks, latest news and research on corporate management and structures, as wells as searchable archives on the major resource companies. The information presented is concise, clear, well-presented, and highly profitable.

Demand for energy is on the rise while conventional sources of energy such as coal and oil are constantly diminishing. This is where the best opportunities for investment are to be found. Casey’s Energy Report offers information that helps investors take advantage of a number of investment opportunities. Investing in natural gas, coal, oil, uranium, solar and run-of-river hydro are some of the possibilities. The newsletter features these as well as businesses that will be shortly on the move. Casey’s Energy Report offers much more than that, including valuable recommendations, insights, and information regarding US, Canada-based and foreign companies in the energy sector. They are mainly small-cap developers and explorers which are well-positioned to generate considerable returns from coal, gas, oil, uranium, and renewable sources of energy. Readers can make money from the up-markets and down-markets. The secret to making profit is research on well-managed and well-financed small-cap companies which are undervalued. They are about to make a major breakthrough, and investors generate substantial returns.

The research team employs cutting-edge tools for analysis and personally meets corporate executives. With every issue, readers get valuable feature articles on a variety of topics related to the energy sectors. Special features focus on energy legislation, strategic oil reserves, energy income trusts, and a lot more. Subscribers get monthly recommendations about the companies to invest in, together with significant developments in the companies followed. The commodities brief section examines bearish and bullish trends that have impact on coal, gas, oil, and uranium. In addition to all this, subscribers get quarterly updates of all companies that present good investment opportunities. The Casey’s Energy Report gives access to valuable research tools, including a knowledge base, resource dictionary, special investment reports, investment Q&A, as well as tips on investment strategies.

The flagship publication of Casey Research is the Casey Report. It identifies powerful investment opportunities and investment trends, helping institutional and individual investors make the best decisions. Depending on market conditions and based on detailed research, the Casey Report may recommend investing in precious metals, tech stocks, foreign real estate, mineral exploration stocks, or long-term bonds. The research team analyzes market and economic developments on behalf of investors and makes investment recommendations, helping readers profit from various trends. Based on these trends, the report may recommend purchasing stocks, investing in exchange-traded funds, buying physical commodities or other tangible assets. Even the future markets receive attention when profitable opportunities arise. Each investor finds great investment opportunities depending on his/ her level of risk tolerance. The Casey Report features unique and valuable observations, transcending investment opportunities and the economy in general. Watching out for profitable opportunities and long-term trends, the research team of Casey presents an easy-to-understand overview of the global economic landscape. The team of analysts is always prepared to analyze trends and make corrections, catching the tide and riding it.

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