Gold Certificates

Gold Certificates

Gold certificates offer modern investors an easy way to invest in gold. Gold certificates are simply certificates of ownership of gold, and they are preferred by some investors because they donít require taking physical delivery of the gold. The gold certificates are issued by banks and financial institutions that hold the physical gold for the investors. One of the advantages of gold certificates is that the investor doesnít have to worry about storing and insuring the gold. Another gold certificate advantage is that gold certificates are very liquid, and offer an excellent way to diversify oneís assets with gold.

The Perth Mint Gold Certificates

The Perth Mint Certificate Program offered by the government of Western Australia is unique gold certificate program because itís the only such program backed by a government. The Perth Mint Certificate Program allows investing in unallocated gold accounts without any storage and insurance fees. Because there are no holding costs and because the Perth Mint Gold Certificates are government backed, they are excellent way to invest in gold.

Gold Certificates or Physical Gold?

Keep in mind that holding gold certificate still entails some risks, because the gold certificates are in the end only a piece of paper without any intrinsic value, while the physical gold is the real deal. For investors interested in gold, combining gold certificates with actual physical ownership of gold might prove to be an excellent hedge against inflation and fiat currency devaluation.

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