Gold Money is an online enterprise and mediator for the purchase of precious metals. Clients of the website can register and then buy, own, and store precious metals. You start out by opening a holding, which is similar to a personal database of your activity and your metal of choice. Why invest? explains that buying precious metals gives you a buying power in a way that cash or stocks cannot. The secret to becoming (and staying) rich is, as even laymen can tell you, holding currency that keeps its value over a long period of time. This currency should appreciate in comparison to others. Buying gold and silver has been an excellent way to do this in a historical context. The gold and silver value ratio to crude oil, for example, has not changed for decades. These metals differ from national currencies, which depreciate over time – perhaps with the exception of the Swiss franc. The trend of currency devaluation is one that has been set by central banks, so there is little probability of it being reversed in the near future.

As good investment practices encourage, investors should keep at least 10 percent of their portfolio in metals. Gold is a top choice, although silver, platinum, and palladium are also recommended. Specifically, silver had one of its best decades in history between 2000 and 2010.

When clients purchase precious metals, they own and hold them on their name. Ownership does not depend on the ability of some ETF to acquire and redeem metals whenever the client wants to sell them. On the contrary, if one is to convert ‘paper gold’ in case of emergency, it cannot be used as conveniently as a currency.

Owning precious metals is a matter of convenience as well. Clients are given the option to optimize and diversify their portfolios. They can choose between four metals – platinum, palladium, silver, and gold – and six different currencies, among which the British pound, US dollar and Euro. Precious metals can also be transferred to another vault while gold, silver, palladium, and platinum can be exchanged for another metal. For instance, silver can be converted into gold or vice versa through the GoldMoney’s metal-to-metal exchanges. Foreign exchange capabilities are also provided, which allow clients to covert cash balances to any of the 6 currencies.

Buying precious metals through guarantees the client transparent and economical pricing. In addition, security standards are of paramount importance. Buying gold this way offers a lower premium in comparison to buying coins, which is an offer unmatched by gold certificates and pool accounts. That is so because these instruments operate on the basis of a fractional reserve.

There is no minimum investment required – you can start with any amount you choose. First, you must sign up at the website. The registration starts with choosing whom you are opening an account for and your country of residence. It is very quick and easy if you are from one of the 28 countries with the fastest-moving economies, which include Australia, the United States, England, Germany, China, and Japan. After that, you can check how much gold you can buy by using the online calculator. After you buy the gold, it is stored in a top-security vault in Hong Kong, Zurich or London (the choice is yours). You can either buy a certain amount of metal or invest a certain amount of money. You can choose the best price and rates of the four available metals – gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. After that, you read the terms on storage of metals. Other aspects of the transaction include delivery and registration of the gold bars (if you choose gold, that is). They will come in 100 g and 1 kg. You also have the option of exchanging one type of metal for another. has played a major role in setting safety industry standards over the past nine years. The company provides insured and secure storage and independent audits by third parties. The customers’ assets are protected by linking holdings to their mobile phones. In this way, fund transfers and payments are validated on their mobile phones before transaction authorizations are completed online. Every time the customer requests making a payment, he/ she receives an SMS, together with a description of the transfer and a unique PIN code. After reviewing the transfer details, the customer simply enters the PIN at to compete the transfer. Without this PIN code, one cannot proceed with the transfer.

A lot has been said and written about GoldMoney scams. There is no substantial legal evidence of this. GoldMoney is an innovative enterprise for digital gold currency and the purchase of precious metals, conducive to enhancing one’s buying power.

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