The IAMGOLD Corporation is a public company based in Toronto Canada, which deals in the production of gold and the development of various other minable resources. They currently have mines located in several regions of the world, including Canada itself, Denmark, Mali in West Africa, Ghana and Botswana. They are one of the smaller gold producers in the world, but still hold their market share and make significant profit. Their current aim is to begin annually producing 1.8 million ounces of gold by 2012.

Going by recent data the IAMGOLD Corp produces around 1 million ounces of gold on an annual basis. As of 2008 they have a total market capitalization of around 1.4 billion US Dollar equivalent, and employ about 5,600 across all of their locations. IAMGOLD shares are actively traded on a number of stock exchanges, including the Toronto Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange, Australian Stock Exchange, and even the Botswana Stock Exchange due to their operations in the region.

Under IAMGOLD’s current structure, the company employs William D. Pugliese as their Chairman, Joseph F. Conway as the CEO, and several directors, including Guy Dufresne, Jean-André Élie, Stephen Freedhoff, Peter C. Jones, Mahendra Naik, and John Shaw. Their current statement is to reach the best shareholder value possible by continually searching the globe of profitable gold reserves, and to promote environmental responsibility and ethics throughout its operations.

Despite it’s every increasing reach, unlike other gold mining companies IAMGOLD has yet to receive any major negative publicity or backlash from environmental groups, mainly because it is not as prominent as the bigger corporations.

IAMGOLD went in December 2001, where it released its initial dividend payout. They boasted solid quarter earnings throughout their first year.

In 2009 IAMGOLD claimed to be planning to raise $300 million Canadian by issuing a further of 34.3 million common shares to raise funds for the construction and expansion of their Essakane operations in Burkina.

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