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The Ruff Times Newsletter features nine key principles to financial stability, giving its readership access to a free copy of How to Prosper in the Age of Obamanomics, the latest book by Howard Ruff, fifteen copies of the newsletter, weekly commentaries, and more.

Back in time, the author of the Ruff Times Newsletter, Howard Ruff helped persuade Ronald Reagan to send Stinger missiles to the Afghani freedom fighters, which kept Soviet troops in Afghanistan for 6 years. This led to the bankruptcy of USSR, with Gorbachev withdrawing the Russian military and financial support from Nicaragua, Cuba, and Eastern Europe. Howard Ruff also takes pride in having an encyclopedic view of silver and gold. He had his own national talk show, together with a daily radio commentary in over 300 markets. He has been on Dinah Shore, Good Morning America, Wall Street Week, PBS Late Night, and numerous others TV and radio talk shows.

The Ruff Times Newsletter has been published for 34 years now, in periods of bear and bull markets. It features 9 key principles of ruffonomics. The first principle postulates that customer debt should be paid off before mortgage debt. Individuals commit their money to paying a lot in interest. Doing this, they buy items that will lose much of their value the moment they are purchased. According to the second principle, following the advice of an orthodox financial investor is not the way to go. Investing in carefully selected stocks and precious metals is a key principle of ruffonomics. Silver and gold are featured as the perfect inflation hedges, serving as an insurance.

Third, one should have faith in free enterprise and capitalism. Free enterprise allows individuals to start a business of their choice and fail or succeed. As a fourth principle of ruffonomics, it is important to become self-sufficient and independent from employers and the government. Governments cannot take care of everyone while in difficult times, employers downsize. Investing in gold and silver is a way to take advantage of the market as the prices of precious metals go up.

Fifth, entrepreneurs are successful as their personal destiny does not depend on the decisions other people make. Entrepreneurs are capable of calculating risk. Sixth, it is important to have a family which is united and tuned to one’s values. Seventh, the religious-based, old-fashioned way of life should be honored, with spiritual strength turning into a source of pride and joy. Eight, loving the country and distrusting the government helps a nation survive. Ninth, one should be an optimist. While difficulties are a part of life, and optimists acknowledge that, they seek the silver lining and opportunities for growth.

Based on these key principles, the newsletter of Howard Ruff offers much more than valuable information on gold and silver. It is not a tip sheet that follows the movements on the stock market. While the newsletter offers specific stock-related recommendations, more often than not, readers will get an advice on what not to buy. General guidance on market trends is also offered as well as valuable information on mining stocks and precious metals. In this regard, the newsletter chronicles the next gold rush.

The investment and income section of the newsletter is intended for the retired readership of Ruff Times. Enjoying a safe income is important for retirees.

The newsletter recommends to its readers to invest in service companies, gold mining funds, second-tier producers, major gold producers (blue chips), exploration and development companies, and combination and pure plays. Investing for capital gains and investing for income are also examined. Uranium producers, uranium exploration companies, and junior uranium developers receive attention as well, together with copper mining.

In addition, the newsletter comes with free articles on investment, healthcare, economic forecasts, and more. Subscription to the newsletter comes with a free copy of Howard Ruff’s new book. It discusses a number of important issues such as the current situation in the US, socialism in the United States, the recession and who is to blame for it, as well traditional families and sexual anarchy. Other issues discussed are how socialism affects healthcare, hyperinflation as a trend of the future, the way to become a maverick investor, and why it is important to get out of debt. Note that the paper version of the book is not available to subscribers who live outside the US. Ruff Times ships only on the territory of the USA. However, these subscribers can download the audio version of the book.

The website features recommended vendors such as Investment Rarities Inc, David Hall Rare Coins, Emergency Essentials, Preparedness Plus, and others. Readers can choose between a premium annual subscription, a quarterly subscription plan, or a monthly subscription.

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