Gold Fields

Based in South Africa, Gold Fields Ltd are an unhedged gold producer and one of the largest in the world, mining over 2.6 million ounces every year from its eight mines located around South Africa, Ghana and even Australia. As of 2008, a ninth mine, a Cerro Corona Gold and Copper mine began production in Peru, at a rate output of around 375,000 ounces per year. Gold Fields has a total reserve of 83 million ounces of gold and 251 million ounces of other mineral resources. The company’s shares are listed on both the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in South Africa, the New York Stock Exchange in the United States, the Dubai International Financial Exchange, the New Euronext in Brussels, and the Swiss Exchange.

The company’s current corporate mission and vision is to continue achieving exemplary returns for shareholders and to promote high motivation in employees, who are committed to utilizing current operations to the fullest extent and to aggressively pursue and develop more world class deposits, boasting beneficial relationships between mutual parties and applying the best possibly technology to operations. They envisage being a globally expanded, leader of precious metal production, whilst boasting responsible sustainability and innovative expansion of high quality assets.

Gold Fields current corporate structure puts Alan J Wright as the chairman, with Nicholas J Holland as chief executive officer. There are 9 non executive directors on the company’s board.

The company currently operates 4 mines in South Africa (Kloof, Beatrix, South Deep and Driefontein), 2 mines in Ghana (Tarkwa and Damang), 2 mines in Australia (Agnew and St Ives) and the Cerro Corona Gold mine in Peru, among various exploration and development projects.

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