Yamana Gold

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Yamana Gold Incorporated is a public company that deals in the mining and producing of Gold Ores and some other materials. They currently have operations in several South and Central American countries including Mexico, Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and Argentina. They are continuing to expand and are currently looking in to the development and exploration of copper and other mineable metals to widen their market share in the mining industry. Its shares are listed on both the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canada, the New York Stock Exchange in the United States and the London Stock exchange in the United Kingdom.

Currently the company has a market capitalization of around $5.2 billion US Dollar equivalent and employs nearly 5,000 workers covering its many operations and offices. Yamana Gold aims to reach an output of 2 million gold ounces annually by the year 2012.

The company’s current corporate structure puts Peter Marrone, who has been a director since 2003 as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Patrick Mars is the lead director, with 8 more directors on the board. Yamana’s strategic vision is to use their existing mining properties to aid growth and expansion and to target more gold mining related opportunities throughout the Americas. They aim to specifically promote growth in resources, output, cash flow and income, and to continually deliver value to shareholders.

The company was originally formed in the 1980s under the name Yamana Resources, but as of 2003 it has operated under Yamana Gold, to focus on its main product. Yamana has expanded a great deal over the past few years, acquiring the Meridian Gold and Northern Orion Resources companies in 2007 for $4.8 billion.

Yamana Gold takes its corporate responsibilities very seriously and is actively seeking out the best business practices sustainability and the health of its workers and the communities it works in. Mining is often a target by human rights activists, but Yamana has yet to have any major negative press or controversy surrounding its mining operations in poorer countries around the world, unlike some of their counterparts.

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