Newmont Mining

Located in Denver, Colorado, United States, Newmont Mining is a public company and one of the largest producers of gold in the world. They currently have active operations in Nevada US, Canada, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Ghana, Bolivia, Mexico and Peru. They have the biggest presence in Australia out of all the active mining companies that operate there, but still have over 70% of their work based in the Americas. Unlike other companies, they are a pure gold miner and do not go after any other metal. The company claims to strive for their workforce’s safety, although they are often criticized like many mining firms.

In 2006 Newmont Mining produced just fewer than 6 million ounces of gold. As of 2007 their net income is around $1.886 billion, and they house a workforce of over 15,000 employees. In terms of gold ounce reserves, data suggests they hold nearly 94 million units.
Their current corporate structure has Richard T. O'Brien, as their CEO and their scorecard is promoting, the continual performance of operations and projects, to provide leadership, employee safety, environmental responsibility and sustainability, to improve the production profile, and to strengthen their balance sheet.

Historically Newmont Mining is one of the older gold mining companies out there, having been first founded in 1921 in New York. It has continually grown throughout the eras and is now a dominate force on a global scale. In 1998 after restructuring and moving to Denver, Newmont merged with the Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corporation, in 2000 it merged with the Battle Mountain Gold Company, and in 2002 they bought out Normandy Mining Limited and Franco-Nevada Mining Corporation Limited, making it the largest company of its kind at that point in time.

One of their more recent criticisms comes from their 2004/05 operations in Indonesia where it is claimed they exposed their workforce to pollutants and caused contamination of local fish, causing the seriously ill health of local villagers. In 2006 a documentary entitled "Bye Bye Buyat" was nominated for Indonesia's top film award, in reference to the controversy that surrounded the company’s mine in Buyat Bay.

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