US Global Investors Funds

Headquartered in San Antonio, US Global Investors Funds specializes in natural resources, gold, opportunities on the emerging markets and around the world. The investment management company focuses on no-load mutual funds for its international clients. While the company was created as an investment club, over its 40 years of existence it has established stable relationships with investors.

The team of US Global Investors is headed by Frank E. Holmes who is the Chief Investment Officer and CEO. The companyís funds received a number of honors and awards over the years, including many Lipper Fund Awards. Mr. Holmes was chosen for mining fund manager for 2006 by the Mining Journal. Susan B. McGee is a General Counsel and President, responsible for planning and overseeing the overall policy. She has budgetary, administrative, and operations functions in the organization. Providing legal services to the company, Ms. Susan B. McGee is a member of various associations, and the head of the San Antonio Sports Foundation. Catherine A. Rademacher is the Chief Financial Officer, responsible for overseeing all financial statements.

The firm runs a number of funds, among which the Gold and Precious Metals Fund, which is the first US-based no-load gold fund. The fund has focused on producers and businesses that extract gold and other precious metals. These are large-cap mining companies referred to as seniors. The objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation and secure protection against monetary instability and inflation. Another objective is to generate current income. When market conditions are normal, the fund invests eighty or more percent of its assets in companiesí equity securities. These companies engage mostly in mining, processing, fabrication, distributing, and marketing of precious metals, including palladium, platinum, silver, gold, and diamonds. In January, 2011, the Gold and Precious Metals Fund had net assets in the amount of $259.1 million. Its average weighted market capitalization was at $9 billion. Top equity holdings were Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd., Dundee Precious Metals Inc., Silver Wheaton Corp, and Gran Colombia Gold Corp.

The World Precious Mineral Fund is another fund run by the team of US Global Investors. The fundís objective is to achieve a long-term capital growth and secure protection against monetary instability and inflation. Complementing the Gold and Precious Metals Fund, it increases the exposure of investors to intermediate and junior mining companies as to increase the growth potential. Having extensive experience and expertise in the sector, the team of experts is comprised of professionals experienced in mining finance, mineral resources, and geology.

The World Precious Mineral Fund invests eighty percent or over of its total net assets in convertible securities, preferred stock, common stock, depository receipts, rights and warrants. Its objective is to invest in companies that specialize in various exploration projects, mining, and the processing of precious metals such as diamonds, palladium, platinum, gold, and silver. Intermediate and junior exploration companies are the main targets of investment. In February 2011 alone, the fundís net assets totaled $802.3 million while the average weighted market capitalization stood at $5.1 billion. Among the top equity holdings were the Barrick Gold Corp., Romarco Minerals Inc., European Goldfields Ltd., and Silvercorp Metals Inc.

Those who would like to invest in the fund should fill in the General Account Application and send it to the US Global Investors. They can choose between different types of accounts such as an individual account, tenants in common account, community property account, etc. Bank information and other relevant details should be filled in as well. The company does not accept cashierís checks, money orders, credit card checks, travelerís checks, as well as similar instruments.

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